We are a small farm in Alpine, Utah, which is about way between Salt Lake City and Provo. Our little farm is up a small canyon, right at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. Our view is absolutely gorgeous. The front view, from our property, opens up out of the canyon to Utah Lake. Our rear view is completely consumed by a big beautiful section of the Wasatch front. The wildlife that comes down is abosolutely amazing. Our farm has many trees around it, most of which are Blue Spruce Pines. When we moved here in 2005, we decided to name our home Pine Haven.

About Us

In 2007, we were first introduced to an alpaca at a local Alpaca Days Farm Celebration. We fell in love. By spring of 2008, we decided that we wanted to share our Pine Haven with alpacas. We now have made a home for a whole herd of Huacaya alpacas. We also are the home to 3 daughters (plus 1 off at college and 1 married), 2 dogs, 3 cats, and us (of course), Angie and Darrell Duty. We love our kick back lifestyle, surrounded by these serene animals and would be glad to share it with anyone who might be interested. Give us a call and come visit our farm. The alpacas would love to meet you.

Our goals

Contact Us

1) Improving alpacas through selective breeding
2) Helping others get started raising alpacas.

What's new on our farm

**We have started vermiculture.  We are trying to raise worms that will process our alpaca poop into VERY usable plant enhancer!!!

Pine Haven Alpacas
1801 Fort Canyon Rd.
Alpine, UT 84004


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